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  • Natural Pet Deodorizer Oatmeal & Neem

    $ 12.95

    "I Love My Dog" Deodorizer

    You don't want to cuddle up with your pooch when he or she stinks, but those perfumed, chemical based deodorizers stink in a different way! Those products are loaded with chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause allergies. Lovely Fresh Natural Pet Deodorizer allows you to get rid of that dog smell without compromising the safety of your pet's skin! This all-natural formula leaves behind a fruity scent and deodorizes effectively without a single harsh ingredient or alcohol required. The oatmeal and neem oil it contains even address irritation, moisturize and nourish your dog's coat and skin. Quick and simple to spritz on, the deodorizer can be used between baths to make cuddling with your pooch a sweet smelling affair.


          Deionized water, hydrolyzed oat proteins, colloidal oats, pure neem oil, glycerin, wheat germ glycerides, blend of botanical extracts, Vitamins A, D, and E. 
          Shake well before use. Shielding eyes, spray pet liberally, focusing on the areas with dry crusty skin. Spraying matted areas will help to loosen mats and prevent further damage to coat. Let coat dry. Brush to remove flakes and crust to provide softness and shine to pet's coat.

          8fl.oz / 240ml 

          money back Natural Pet Deodorizer

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