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  • FAQ's

    Why should I use natural products?

    Natural products promote overall wellness, balance and stronger immune system, they normally don't cause any allergic reactions or irritations. At Lovely Fresh we believe in wellness of all animals, as well as humans and the planet overall. Natural products don't harm the environment, so we make our products biodegradable and packaging recyclable. Of course, not all the chemicals are bad, sometimes they need to be used for certain treatments if an animal is sick and developed a serious infection, but for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, pets don't need to be exposed to any additional strong chemicals in their every day lives.

    How often should I bath my dog?

    Depending how active a dog is and how much time he or she spends outdoors, the bathing schedule should vary between once a week to once every month. To keep dogs clean and healthy between baths, we recommend deodorizing dogs between baths to keep them fresh as well as cleaning their paws so they don't spread germs from outside.

    What is the best product for itching?

    There are many reasons why a dog may be itching, most common reasons are skin dryness and irritations caused either by allergies to insects, or certain chemicals in the environment or products. At Lovely Fresh we recommend using our Oatmeal & Neem products ( shampoo and deodorizer between baths). Neem it is a natural insect and flea repellent so it naturally keeps bugs away and dog less irritated with them, it also desensitizes dogs inflamed skin while oatmeal soothes and heals it. 

    What is the best product for dogs with allergies?

    The could be many causes of allergies in dogs. In case of allergies to fleas or other bugs, our "I Love My Dog" Shampoo and Deodorizer with Oatmeal & Neem are great, since they naturally repel insects and promote skin healing. All of our products don't have any strong chemicals, so they should help healing pet's skin and stop them from scratching. 

    What is neem?

    Neem is an evergreen tropic tree, neem oil is extracted out of neem fruits and seeds. Neem oil has been used a lot in traditional medicine and is known for being a natural insect repellent and antiseptic. It is also used to remove dandruff and treat dry skin.

    What is the best water temperature to use for bathing my pet? 

    The best water temperature to use when bathing your pet is lukewarm water, cooler than you would use for yourself. It is not only the most comfortable for your pet, but it also makes shampoo work more effectively. 

    Will "I Love My Dog" Shampoo Oatmeal & Neem shampoo kill fleas?

    Since we don't use any strong chemicals in our products, we can't state that our products would kill anything, but neem will definitely make bugs miserable and they won't want to stay or come back:) In nature, neem repels fleas, mosquitos and other bugs, so it will have the same effect when used on dogs  

    Will these shampoos wash off topical flea treatments?

    We don't use any alcohol, soaps, or detergents in our products, so it won't strip any topical treatments