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  • About Us

    Lovely Fresh is a company founded by animal lovers that is committed to making pet care simpler and safer for animals and their human parents. Our mission is to bring you a selection of pet grooming products that are good for you, your pet and the planet. Founded in 2014, Lovely Fresh produces natural pet grooming supplies, including shampoos for dogs and puppies and deodorant sprays. Through careful research, development and testing, we create dog grooming products that are free of common chemicals but that rival the effectiveness of professional dog grooming products sold in stores.

    At Lovely Fresh, we believe that pet owners and pets deserve to be treated to the very best products. That's why we take quality very seriously. By only manufacturing our products in the USA, we're able to exercise strict quality controls on every step of the manufacturing process. This way, you can purchase our products with confidence, knowing you're getting the very best. All Lovely Fresh products contain the finest of natural ingredients. Because we rely on the Earth to supply us with the beneficial ingredients that make our formulas so effective, we understand the importance of protecting the planet. All of our products are biodegradable and manufactured using responsible processes with minimal eco impact. Recyclable packaging helps to further protect the planet and make our world a greener place for our customers and their pets. And of course--we never test our products on animals.

    Your satisfaction is our top priority here at Lovely Fresh. We're here to help you select the products that will best meet your pet grooming needs. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about our products or for assistance shopping or placing an order. We'll be glad to assist you.

    On behalf of every member of our team, welcome to Lovely Fresh. We hope you'll enjoy discovering our natural pet grooming products and wish you and your pet all the best.

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