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    Love this shampoo November 25, 2015 12:21

    Love this shampoo. I have 4 dogs and live near the beach so baths are frequent. The oatmeal and neem soothe their skin and it lathers well while rinsing clean. Smells great too. Ordering another bottle now.

    I will never buy another dog shampoo... AMAZING! October 27, 2015 12:07

    Dog Shampoo

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shampoo. Lathered well, rinsed so fast and didn't leave being any residue or suds. I would recommend this to anyone who has dogs and washed them at home. My dogs are short hair dogs and they don't get that dirty, or at least thats what I thought. the water was so brown, I thought I shampooed their color off. This shampoo got it all and after 3 days, not only do they still smell so good, they haven't had dry flaking spots that they normally get after a both using other brands of shampoo. It smalls great, lathers well, rinses like no other shampoo AND the neem repels bugs! I will never buy another shampoo again!!! Thank you Lovely Fresh for shipping fast and being so easy to communicate with.

    I Really love this product October 17, 2015 14:50

    I Really love this product! The results are awesome. I just want to keep petting my dog. Easy to use. Great bottle for dispensing and all naturally healthy. Its a win.. win.. win.

    Gets dogs fur squeaky clean and smelling fresh October 7, 2015 10:54

    Gets dogs fur squeaky clean and smelling fresh. No reaction to the shampoo, so it's seems to be allergy free too


    I LOVE this dog shampoo October 7, 2015 10:47

    I LOVE this dog shampoo!!! I bought this for my Westie who has Urinary incontinence. Because of this she has very sensitive skin (at her private areas) as well as on her belly. This shampoo is super sensitive on all areas on her body. What I also love is that when I wash my pup, this shampoo helps to take away the urine smell that is left on her fur. Sometimes my dog will pee on herself when she is sleeping =( and not even know it. This shampoo is fantastic at taking out the urine smell and taking care of my dogs overall skin sensitivity. I am thrilled by this product. Make sure to read the directions! And keep the soap on for 5 minutes!!! This will definitely help the process.

    Smells great, works great September 30, 2015 10:56

    I bought this based on its reviews so I thought I'd add mine- great stuff. I bought it for my poor itchy dog and it didn't do anything for his (now resolved) skin issue but I'll keep buying it because I like it anyway. The scent out of the bottle is fantastic but hard to describe- "citrus vanilla cookie", maybe? (If you've ever had Jaffa Cakes... it smells like Jaffa Cakes and may make you hungry for Jaffa Cakes). It doesn't scent the dog at all- now he just smells like clean fur after a bath. He's a long-haired, black and white dog and this stuff gets his white sections (including his dirty nose and feet) gleaming white. It seems to cut through actual clumps of dirt just fine, lathers up nice, and my bottle has lasted a long time. The best part is that it doesn't seem to dry his skin at all, very nice for an outdoorsy (read: filthy, frequently bathed) dog in a dry climate. Definitely my dog wash of choice. Maybe I should try it on myself? It really does smell that good.