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    Natural Scent, Silky Fur December 12, 2015 15:55

    This shampoo is the best I've used so far and I bathe both my dog and cat with it. It has a natural scent and leaves the coat feeling silky smooth giving it almost a soft, human hair texture. I have a wiry haired Dutch Shepherd and a domestic short haired cat, and this shampoo cleans their fur while keeping excess oil away for 2-3 weeks after use. It also keeps my shepherd's dander to a minimum. I highly recommend it.

    This product has reduced his itching and after using we can tell the difference between his dirty skin/hair and how thin and sof December 10, 2015 15:51

    My dog had lots of itchy spots as well as bug bites from being outside. He is a long haired german shepherd and we were constantly dealing with itchiness and dirt caking to his hair. He loves to go out and roll in the wet grass & dirt! This product has reduced his itching and after using we can tell the difference between his dirty skin/hair and how thin and soft his hair feels after using. I LOVE this product and I would highly recommend it :)

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    Great shampoo for dogs! December 9, 2015 15:49

    Lovely fragrance, wonderful lather. My dogs coat and skin are now soft and clean, sparkling in the sunlight! Other products I've tried left him itchy and uncomfortable, and I have tried many!!! I haven't seen any signs of discomfort from him at all since I bathed him with this. I only bought one bottle to see how my dog did with it. We are total fans now and I will buy again and again, as well as let friends and family know to try it on their dogs. Great helpful advice offered as well.


    Read the directions first! December 4, 2015 13:40

    A great shampoo provided you read the directions.

    I own Max, an 8 month old pit puppy. He's dirty. All the time. If you don't watch him, he's liable to roll around in garbage, excrement, or dirt.

    For awhile I was using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap which is what I use on myself. I figured it was good, organic, all that jazz.

    Max has sensitive skin and broke out into hives one day, so I decided to get him a sensitive skin shampoo. He also took the opportunity to roll around to diarrhea so this was a perfect opportunity to bathe him. I stuck him in the bathrub, got him nice and wet, shampooed the crap out of him, and rinsed him off. Afterwards, he still stunk. I thought I wasted my money and went back to the Dr. Bronners to clean him off.

    A few weeks later, diarrhea dog crapped in front of my house again and Max wasted no time rolling around in it. I wiped him off as best as I could and my girlfriend told me to wash the dog like an adult. She kept going on about how I wasted my money with the fancy dog shampoo and blah blah blah. I wanted to defend my purchase other than to say it was good for his skin.

    I have no idea what neem is. I know what oatmeal is. Its for breakfast. These were pretty weak arguments.

    Then I read the directions. Apply the shampoo do your dog before they're soaked down and work it into a lather. Then rinse them off.

    Your dog will smell clean and their fur magically becomes soft. Your girlfriend will stop being critical. You'll magically become happier.

    Can't go wrong! Just read the directions.

    Great product Stopped our puppy"s sensitive skin from irritation November 29, 2015 13:33

    Great product Stopped our puppy"s sensitive skin from irritation. She no longer wakes us up scratching. Great smell. Lathers well.

    Nancy W. Mcclintock

    Pleasantly surprised, a QUALITY product! November 28, 2015 12:33

    Not your cheap watered down shampoo but a thick, luxurious doggie spa type shampoo. Thick soap results in abundance of suds and excellent results leaving a fresh but understated scent.