Great stuff. I was so glad to see neem ... January 19, 2016 16:12

Great stuff. I was so glad to see neem oil added to a pet shampoo. I had zero concerns about how this would perform as a pest deterrent, I'm completely sold on the wonders of neem. It definitely has a distinct smell. I don't consider it unpleasant, but one can certainly identify it immediately. I was glad the smell wasn't masked with a ton of fragrance in this shampoo, but had a little concern my dog would make the whole house smell like neem...although that would always be an improvement over what he smells like to warrant the bath. Not at all. He came out smelling, looking, and feeling clean, clean, clean, with only a faint hint of the neem smell if I got right up in his face. Again, not unpleasant, just not apples or roses or whatever one gets in the loaded up shampoos. I will most definitely be keeping my pet cabinet stocked with this stuff.