Amazon Customer September 12, 2015 11:02

My dog is a Cairn Terrier Mix. Because of his type of hair, he is a "Tick Magnet". Even though we apply the tick/flea drops monthly, it does not stop the ticks from hitchhiking into the house. Then I have to rake him to remove them. For about a year, I have used Neem oil to deter/repel the ticks. He hates when I apply it (about every 3 days during high tick season). This is why I chose the I Love My Dog with Neem. I have bathed him once since receiving it. I followed the directions. Before I began, I put a dry towel under him in the tub. Then I applied it dry. This was much better than usual because he hates water. Rinsing it off was much easier than usual. The fragrance was unremarkable. Neem oil has a strong garlicy odor. It is not tick season now, so I can't comment on effectiveness. Our boy's coat was clean, soft and he isn't scratching as much.