Smells great! June 14, 2015 19:20

This doggie shampoo smells wonderful! My doggie friends seem to think so too, as they no longer smell like sweaty, stinky, wet dogs. And the best part from my view is that the scent doesn’t just evaporate when they dry. You can really still smell the freshness much later. The doggies skin looks better, not all itchy and their coats are all shiny and glossy. NO more itching for them, which is amazing because that always bothers me, they look uncomfortable itching, so it is nice to have a shampoo that doesn’t cause more. IT lathers nicely in a rich foam, making it easier to use on wiggly dogs and easier to rinse clean quickly. Which is also wonderful for wiggly doggies. No one really wants the dog bathing process to last any longer than it does, as it is often torture for all concerned. This product is also a natural flea and tick repellant, which is awesome! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.