Natural shampoo that works amazingly well! June 13, 2015 20:15

Are you a pet owner? I am! I have a beautiful Welsh Corgi, and her name is Roxanne, Roxy for short. I try to get Roxy to a groomer once a month for certain things like nail trimming,hour long brushings,and more importantly…baths. However, when I can’t get her to the groomers or I just want to give her the extra mommy-doggy time, I bath her myself. I always try to use something that is good for her skin and something that will help keep her coat nice and shiny. Recently , I was given the chance to try a different doggy shampoo. It’s from the Lovely Fresh company, and the shampoo is called “I Love My Dog” !

I received a bottle of the shampoo for free ,and when it arrived at my doorstep, I was very excited to use the shampoo. I was curious as to how it would work with Roxy. So…I took her out and I bathed her . The shampoo is orange-ish in color,and it has a very pleasant smell,even sweet , smell to it. Roxy even seemed to enjoy the scent while she was being washed. I noticed that I had a pretty decent lather form up from just a little squirt from the shampoo bottle,and it cleaned Roxy’s coat fairly well with little time or effort. I would say that the whole shampoo process,which was performed outside in the backyard, took maybe 5-10 minutes…more around the 5 minute mark. I really like the “I Love My Dog” shampoo and I think I may be replacing other shampoos that I have tried in the past. Heck..I may even take a break from the groomers for her shampoos now… but don’t tell the groomers that !!! Oh..did I mention that this doggy shampoo is a natural shampoo that is soap, detergent ,and alcohol free ? I know…crazy right ?!

By T. Wehner "TriciaList"