5 STARS - Great product, works just as describes. SMELLS LOVELY! April 26, 2015 15:35

This Oatmeal spray from Lovely Fresh is some good stuff. I used this in between baths and it not only freshens my dogs smell but the look and feel of his coat too. If he has any mats in his hair Lovely Fresh easily untangles them which makes brushing and combing them out effortless and easy. I am impressed very with this product, This deodorizer spray will provide your dog relief from itching, biting, and scratching that comes along from fleas or ticks and it also desentizes inflamed skin. It has a great smell to it that is soft and not over powering at all. I would recommend it to anyone looking to freshen up their dog. Can you tell my boy is a bit spoiled? I'll definitely be a loyal customer. I can't wait to try the shampoos and other pet products they have available.

By M&J Guinn

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